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Increasing Profit Margins with BioMetric Software

Increasing Profit Margins with BioMetric Software

Integrate payroll with biometric time clock

I wonder how many of us have ever thought of integrating their employees payments with a biometric time clock? Most of the time we depend upon the HR teams to calculate the pay to the employees after going through the attendance cards or time sheets either electronically or by hand. This costs many businesses thousands to tens of thousands a year.

But time has changed and so as technology. Now, stealing time is going to be tougher than ever with the usage of the biometric time clock for attendance. Earlier we all had experience giving proxy attendance on behalf of our colleagues through card punching or signing the attendance register on their behalf.

Have you ever thought how much pain the HR team takes in their jobs? They are always busy either with new recruitments or settling retirement benefits, bonuses, etc. They also calculate the salary based on attendance, which is a herculean task. So how about going for integrated payroll with biometric time clock? At least you can provide some automatic calculations for your HR team. Install a biometric time clock without delay in your workplace to reap the maximum benefits.

See how this tech can save your company a lot of cash…

If anyone of us installs biometric time clock to integrate the payroll, I am sure nobody of us shall repent. Instead, we can track the practical activities of our employees. The workers on the other and shall also not feel cheated thinking that they are not paid according to the working hours.

• Many of us believe that business means only marketing and sales. We often forget about the production, the efforts of the HR team to build a successful workforce and reduce the stress on the workers, be it on the shop floor or in office.

• Put a biometric time clock for attendance. With fingerprint scanning and iris recognition, there is no chance of giving a proxy. Earlier the card punch system or the manual signature enabled to provide proxy, but with the installation of the biometric clock, this is nullified.

• The break time we all enjoy cannot be extended beyond the scheduled time. In manual systems employees often enjoyed extending their break time as there was no one to control. As an employer or the top boss, you can’t keep an eye on every Tom, Dick or Harry in your company. Can you? Here comes the biometric time clock to work for you.

• Every second is counted in the biometric time clock. The employee has to go through biometrics even for going to the toilet. We all have seen the main door of many offices do not open without canning fingerprints. Every scanning automatically records the employee movement.

• The manual system needed some workers to manage the attendance register or the timekeeping charts. But with this biometric time clock, we are saving the labor cost as the machine does all.

• The inputs of our biometrics are directly transferred to the central server of the office, and anyone can know the working activities of any employee with a single click.

• At the end of the week or month whenever you are going to be paid the HR team can quickly calculate your pay as all details of your attendance, your break times, your leaving from work time is noted by the clock and transferred to the office server. With the use of simple payroll calculations after automatically calculating the actual working hours, it becomes a cakewalk for the HR to draw the cheque.

• Often some of us also work from home and need to log in to the system to do so. In that case, a portable biometric scanner is provided by the company that can be linked to our computer and the office system. With this system in place, nobody can say “Oh man, I had worked for so many hours, but my pay bill is reflecting less”. It is the biometric clock that will tell you how much time you worked from home.

• With biometric time clock in its place, accounting errors are minimized, or you can say nullified. With few clicks, all information is transferred to the ledger. You can avoid double data entry, and review the ledger without going through the paper payrolls as of before. This saves considerable time and inventory.

• You can stick to the Government rules and regulations about working hours. The law can be followed keeping a track on the working hours.

• Even you can stop any unauthorized entry with the installation of the biometric clock as nobody can log in without the registered biometric details on the machine.

With biometric time clock installed at your workplace the ease of integration of the working hours with the pay bill is integrated with unison without almost any error. It saves time for arguments, increases productivity and eases the process of pay cheque calculations.

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