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Three Mistakes to Avoid When Using Webinar Marketing

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Using Webinar Marketing

Webinar marketing is the new Internet marketing tool du jour – and for good reason. It’s an excellent and inexpensive way to find, reach and convert potential customers online.
But like all Internet marketing tools, there are tips and tricks to make it more effective. So let’s take a look at three mistakes to avoid when using webinar marketing:

1. Not Delivering on What You Promised
Have you ever attended a webinar that didn’t answer or sufficiently cover what was advertised?
I have, and it’s very frustrating. Not only is it a waste of time, but the webinar host loses credibility.

Don’t let this happen to you. For example, if you promise to tell people a great secret for losing 10 pounds in 10 weeks, it better be great, and it better be a secret.

Overselling on the content of a webinar before it’s even begun will lead to big disappointments once its over. Always be honest and upfront about what you will cover and follow through on your promise.

2. Covering Too Much in One Webinar
Do you think if you cover a wide variety of topics that you’ll attract more listeners? You won’t. And the ones who do listen may leave disappointed.
It’s best to select one topic and explore it in detail.

This makes for a focused webinar, attracts targeted listeners and increases the chances for excellent results. Susan does a great job with her webinars – for instance, she gives her investor audience 26 ways to finance deals, but she doesn’t overwhelm them with the ins and outs of each one.

Instead, she uses webinars to cover a single topic and invites her audience to get deeper training in her Investor Insights training club.

3. A Weak Or Non-Existent Call To Action
The number one rule in marketing is to end with a strong offer or call to action. Webinar marketing is no different. Once you have finished your presentation, make sure you tell your listeners what to do next. Even if it seems obvious this step is important to your business.
By the end of the webinar, the listeners still with you will fall into one of three categories:

– Some will be ready to buy.
– Some will have additional questions.
– Some may buy in the future, but not right now.

In your call to action, be sure to specifically address each of these three categories individually:

Call the buyers out by name (“If you are ready to buy now”) and then tell them exactly what to do next (“you can visit to purchase my product”). In this way, you’ll be sure to give everyone the information needed to take the next step.

Give the answer seekers a way to contact you (email, Facebook or Twitter) and the not ready to buy audience a link to your newsletter or blog.

Webinar marketing allows you flexibility in your topics, presentation and number of speakers, but all successful webinars have three things in common: They deliver on what you promised, stay focused and end with a strong offer or call to action.


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