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Three Ways to Sell With Email

Three Ways to Sell With Email

If you’ve studied Internet Marketing, you’ve likely heard the phrase,

“The money is in the list.” But exactly how can you use your email list to make a profit?

According to an infographic by Google, the average email user spends more than 2.5 hours per day on email. When you have a list of fans that have voluntarily opted into your email list, you are able to quickly and inexpensively reach your most interested customers.

Here are three ways you can sell using your list.

Launch a Product or Promote an Event

If you have an upcoming product launch or event such as a webinar, be sure to let your email list know far in advance. Here are some ideas to start hyping your product launch/event:

  • Start promoting your launch or event one day ahead of the big day. Introduce your upcoming product and familiarize your email list with its features and benefits.
  • Offer a pre-order or early bird registration price.This creates that early buzz and urgency so necessary for a successful launch/event.
  • Preview the content. If you’re launching a book or course, you can send a few paragraphs or cheat sheets of content to get your audience interested in the whole enchilada.

Affiliate Sales

Do you know of any products in your field that you highly recommend? These could be books, CDs, membership sites, courses, events, etc. If so, contact the individual or company selling the product and ask if they have an affiliate program.

By becoming and affiliate of a product, you can receive a commission if someone from your list purchases the product. Of course, only become an affiliate for products or services that you yourself have tried and truly recommend.

Once you’ve become an affiliate, email your list about the amazing product you’ve discovered. Provide an honest review and let them know where they can purchase the product if they are interested. Please note, the FTC requires you to disclose your affiliate relationship whenever using affiliate links.

Sales and Limited Time Offers

If you already have some products, consider offering a sale price or limited time offer to your list. For example, you could offer an exclusive 15{592a3f558ca8a2b48ff559e0e50e6b8390936210e91b6be50b5911314569a8e2} off, or create a promotion where list members can buy one, get one half off. Every few months or so (depending on your list and products), send out another sale or promotion broadcast email. This will help stimulate sales and create exclusivity for those on your list.

Of course, you won’t be able to sell with email unless you have a large opt-in email list already built. If not, start building your list today. Check out the Diva List Building Bootcamp series to see how to get started on that list.

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